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The Ouzoud Waterfalls

The Ouzoud Waterfalls (Cascades d'Ouzoud), are one of the most surprising and beautiful attractions in Morocco. The river plunges over 100 meters in a complex network of waterfalls that cascades one into another through three major and several minor drops. The impressive roar seems to soothe like an old lullaby.

The juxtaposition of these verdant and luxurious falls in a land of red sandstone, dust and dessert somehow brightens your outlook and puts a spring in your step. The sheer joy of nature and the life giving force of water seems to be captured in every shiny leaf and exploding flower bud that clings and populates the luscious river gorge.

At only 150 kms from Marrakesh in the province of Azilal, the Cascades make an ideal day trip at any time of year and our Riad offers you the perfect base from which to explore this stunning natural monument to water.

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